I have been a MakeWell customer for a long time, now everything looks different. Why?

    Our business has grown over the years and our current website no longer reflects who we are or what we do for our customers around the world. From now, everyone can access our website to order our products. 

    MakeWell is still the same company at heart, offering the same product portfolio and services. 


    Are Shop Code and Coupon Code the same?

    Yes. Your Shop Code is still valid and can be applied during your order. It has been renamed to a Coupon Code now, but both are the same thing.


    Why are the prices online higher than what I am used to?

    MakeWell has not had a price in a long time. We unfortunately had to increase our prices due to an increase in raw ingredients and production costs as we will never compromise
    our quality.
    Customers who have a Coupon Code (formerly known as “Shop Code”) will therefore receive a 10% discount on all products this Coupon Code is applied at checkout. A Coupon code can be provided by any practitioners who are part of our network.


    Do I still need a Shop Code / Coupon Code to order?

    After many inquiries we have decided to offer MakeWell products openly online to the public. We however continue to encourage customers to seek healthcare advice and to purchase products through our practitioner network. Customers who have a Coupon Code (formerly known as  “Shop Code”) which can be provided by any practitioners that are part of our network, will therefore receive a 10% discount for all products that are ordered by using this coupon code.


    I used to order via the old website - what do I do?

    As an existing customer, your data was transferred to our new online shop after you received our data protection information via email. You can log in with your details on our website and place your orders online as usual.


    I cannot log in with my existing credentials . What should I do?

    Customers should have received an email regarding data protection and the transfer from the MakeWell Distribution to MakeWell Europe Ltd. Due to technical circumstances beyond our control such as inactive email addresses and outdated data, not all customers received our data protection information sent out in April 2021. If you cannot log in by using your existing details, you can simply create a new account.


    I cannot enter my Coupon Code in my Cart - where do I find the Coupon Code field?

    The Coupon Code field can be found in the Checkout section. Please proceed to the checkout where you will be able to enter your Coupon Code.


    I forgot to apply my Coupon Code, formerly shop code, during checkout. 

    Coupon Codes cannot be applied retrospectively after your order has been placed. It is therefore important to use the Coupon Code at every checkout.


    I have lost my Coupon Code - what can I do?

    As a practitioner, you have the possibility to view the coupon code for your patients in the affiliate dashboard that you have access to.

    As a patient, please get in touch with your healthcare provider or with us, we are happy to tell you  your Coupon Code!


    Are MakeWell products still the same?

    Yes! Our products and formulations remain the same as they have always been. All our nutritional supplements are still developed in Germany containing high quality ingredients.