Shipping & Delivery

When will my order be shipped? 
What are your shipping costs and which services do you offer?
Where’s my order?
My order has not been delivered / is lost. What should I do?
A product is missing from my order or I received a wrong item
Do you ship internationally?

Returns & Refunds

Can I return my order?
How quickly will I receive a refund?
Can I cancel my order?


I cannot process my order / the payment does not go through
I forgot to add some products to my order. Can I do this retrospectively?
Can you issue a VAT invoice for my order?

Our Products

Are your products vegan-friendly?
What are the capsules made from?
How should I store my MakeWell products?
Are the products safe and how are they checked?
My products and some capsules differ in colour or consistency. What does this mean?
Why have some of the formulas changed?